"links i recommend for the video professional"

  • The Walking Connection - First Class Vacations

    Gene and Jo Ann Taylor's business has got to be the best I've ever seen. They plan first class walking vacations in the most exotic places you can ever imagine. We went to Greece with them last year, by far the best vacation we've ever had. And we didn't even have to walk much! Slide show videos are also available for sale that will show you some of the wonderful destinations. On line Walking store too! Come, walk with us and join The High Milage Club!

  • Cayman Graphics, Specialists in Television Graphics

    Cayman Graphics offers one of the best Character generator Program available for the PC. PowerCG Plus. This is a truly professional program and is available for many pro Edit System Platforms. Now with 16:9 support and HD and a "spell checker"...a first for the CG industry! They also have about the best support program in the industry. Check Them Out!

  • Video University

    An excellent site for information regarding Video Production. If you are into low budget work or just want to see what is happening in the video production industry this site's for you. There are articles available both for a small fee and free.

  • FILMMAG - The online source for the Indie Filmaker

    An excellent source of information for those interested in independent films.

  • Welcome to MediaWorks.

    Mediaworks is a video production company owned by a very good friend of mine. We've been competitors and friends for over 20 years. If you are involved in the corporate world, I highly recommend his videos available for sale. Titles include " violence in the workplace" Series, "dying to work" Series, and many more. His series and videos are very well produced and have received the highest reviews from Fortune 500 companies.

    Tell them I sent you!

  • Ray Litman Photo Graphics

    What can I say about Ray. We've know each other for over 20 years and have worked together for that long as well. He's probably the best creative technical Photographer I've ever met. He always has the "right" answer for any question I've ever asked him about photography, art, web page design and so much more. Take some time to look over his site and follow his links around. You won't be disappointed!

    But beware....the WebWizard resides on his site...

  • Carol Donaldson Public Relations

    Carol Donaldson works with a variety of independent graphic artists and designers, photographers, writers, webmasters, videographers, printers and other professionals to assist clients in solving their communication challenges. CDPR's philosophy is that if you have a communication need, the right team will be put together to meet it. Carol has won awards due to her experience in the Public Relation's field. I've worked with Carol for years now and highly respect her integrity and business "savvy". We've won awards together...what more can I say!

  • National Association of Broadcasters

    This is a must site for those of you interested in keeping up with the latest in Broadcast and High-end audio and video equipment. You can sign up to attend the annual convention held in Las Vegas every April.

  • Roo Productions

    Ben Freedman's Production Company located in Scottsdale, Arizona has released his first Digital Motion Picture " secret messages". I was the Director of Photography for the film. For more information, to view trailers or purchase a copy of the movie, check out his web site. You can also view the trailers on my site as well. David's Demo Movie Page

  • Arizona Production Association

    If you are coming to Arizona and have a need for a crew or some equipment...check here first. There is information on people, equipment and agencies that are ready, willing and able to assist you in any way.

    There is also a ton of resource information for shooting in Arizona with links.

  • >DINFOS Trained Killers Site#2 seems to have disappeared. If anyone has any info regarding the geocities site that sponsered information from people in AFRTS...please let me know....thanks!

    Ok, Ok the name isn't what it seems...or is it? This site is for those of you who worked in the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service at some part of your life. Here you'll find information on what's happening around the world and find people you may have lost contact with.

  • Travelocity

    This site isn't associated with video/film production but I think its worth. Here you can sign up for free to get information e-mailed to you on a timely basis regarding airfares to/from your most popular destinations. You can set up your own fare-watcher page as well. They make their bucks by also offering on-line travel services through a secure site.

  • Rossiter & Company

    If you are going to England and need some help for a shoot these are the people to call.

    Rossiter and Company has been producing professional corporate videos for over 11 years. They have received the highest compliments from their clients for their creativity and the ability to produce a quality product on time and on budget. They are nice people too! Talk to Linda. She's the boss.

    Thousands of producers use Location Production Guide's WebMovie.com to find constantly updated information on every type of film and video production service, facility and technology from thousands of Member Sites.

    I'll be adding to this list as I can. If you have any sites you highly recommend, e-mail me and I'll check them out.

    Enjoy these sites!


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